Five Sweet DIY Tricks For Your Garage Door Opener

You don’t have to be a do-it-yourself expert to take advantage of a few of these simple tricks for getting the most out of your garage door opener. Just read on and try them out!Stash your remote somewhere out of site — if you have two remotes and only one car, keep the second at home in a safe location. The one that lives in your car should go somewhere out of sight.

Many vehicles have ceiling panels to store your garage door opener that keep it secure until needed but convenient when it is; use them if you have them. If not, stick with the glove box, and lock the glove box if you have to leave the car outside of the garage but near your home. After all, for most modern homes, a garage door opener is just as good as a key to the front door.Tape a zip-lock bag to the inside of your garage door. Keep your garage door installation manual in that bag.

At some point, you may which you reprogram, change the password, or otherwise alter your opener unit — if you’ve misplaced the manual, you’ll have to try to find it online or get the company to send you a new one. Better to just tape it up and know where it is when you need it.Clean the rail wiping out dust or grease build up from vehicle exhaust in the rail track on your opener can greatly improve the opener’s performance over time and prevent damage to the operator. Always be sure to unplug your operator and use a step stool when servicing your garage door opener.Bug and rat traps around the perimeter of your garage (and particularly in the corners near the sensors) not only keep your garage a little bit cleaner, but they can keep the pests from piling crud up near the sensors and keeping them from working properly. You probably won’t be able to keep your garage completely pest-free, but you’ll at least keep your garage door opener working normally.Water-repelling glass cleaner is a great way to clean the shell of your keyless entry pad.

Most such systems have a fully weather-proof exterior, but that doesn’t keep them from getting grungy quickly. A bit of water repellent will not only clean the system, but also keep water stains and some other spots and smudges from building up on the outside of the keypad. Test an inconspicuous spot of the keypad before you spray the whole thing down, however.That’s it! Five simple things that almost any garage door opener owner can do to keep their lives a little cleaner, safer, and simpler. Enjoy!